Essential Guidelines for Wallpaper Installation

When it comes to wallpaper installation, adhering to best practices is essential to achieve a flawless and durable finish. To help you achieve a professional-looking result, here are some valuable tips and tricks:

1. Proper Wall Preparation: Prior to wallpaper installation, ensure the wall is well-prepared by applying putty and oil primer (1 litre mixed with 300 ml enamel paint). This step is crucial to ensure the wallpaper adheres properly and doesn't peel off. Please note that wall preparation is the responsibility of the client and should be completed before the installation date.

2. Ensure Wall Condition: The wall surface must be free from any seepage or deformities. To create a smooth and suitable base for wallpaper, clean the surface thoroughly and eliminate any old wallpaper, loose paint, or debris. Additionally, fill any cracks or holes with spackle or joint compound, and sand the surface to achieve an even texture.

3. Appropriate Equipment: Provide a ladder on-site for standard installations and consider using scaffolding for ceiling or double-height installations. The responsibility of providing scaffolding lies with the client.

4. Clear and Prepared Site: Ensure the installation site is clear of dirt, and no other construction work should be ongoing in the same room. Remove any furniture from the walls where wallpaper will be applied, as installers won't be able to shift furniture during installation. Prepare the site to avoid any hindrances during the process.

5. Timely Installation: Be punctual with the scheduled installation date to avoid additional site visit charges. If the site is not ready and requires rescheduling, installers may charge extra for the inconvenience.

Don't forget to consult the installation guidelines provided on the wallcastle website [3]. By following these guidelines and using the right tools and techniques, wallpaper installation can be an enjoyable and rewarding DIY project, transforming the appearance of your home.

Important Note: Wall and site preparation are not included in the scope of work for installation. The client is responsible for completing wall and site preparation before the scheduled installation. Please be aware that wallcastle's scope of work does not cover installation or wall preparation. If needed, we can provide contact information for installers in jalandhar, himachal pradesh, but please note that they are independent contractors, and we are not accountable for any issues related to wall preparation or installation.


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