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Base commission 25.00%

Welcome to the Wallcastle affiliate team! By joining our affiliate team, you will be able to grow the wallcastle movement while also being rewarded for your efforts. Affiliates will be able to earn 25% commission on every sale you refer through your unique affiliate link. How It Works: Once your affiliate status is approved, we will send you an email with login instructions and your unique affiliate link. You will then be able to login to your dashboard where you can keep up to date with your affiliate data. Using the affiliate link in your promoted content, social media, etc will help you track in your dashboard if your readers purchase from our website. You will be able to shorten this affiliate link to a bitl.y link as well as create a unique link for a specific product page within your dashboard. When a user clicks on your unique affiliate link and purchases product(s) from wallcastle, you will earn 25% commission on every product they purchase within the 4 day time frame. The commission will appear in your dashboard account and you will be paid via company check or online pay. Company are paid out to those who earn at least ₹500. Ways to Earn Commission: Promote our products/site through detailed tutorials, reviews, whatsapp. Use your affiliate link within your content. Drive traffic to your content that promotes our products/site through social media, email newsletter, advertising, etc. Drive traffic to our products/site through social media, email newsletter, etc. Use your affiliate link within your social media posts or email newsletter. Use our brand-specific banners and buttons on your site and use your affiliate link as the image link. Policies: As an affiliate: You will have access to a secure affiliate dashboard account that tracks your referred traffic, referred purchases, referred sales, and commissions. It’s as simple as that! Do you want to make extra money? Then sign up to be part of our affiliate team! By signing up with us, you agree with these policies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact wallcastle team at [email protected].