Please note that wall and site preparation are not included in the scope of work for installation. Clients are responsible for preparing the walls prior to installation by following these guidelines:

  1. The wall should be well-prepared with putty and oil primer (1 litre mixed with 300 ml enamel paint) for wallpaper installation. This will ensure that the wallpaper sticks properly and doesn’t peel off.

  2. The wall should be free of any seepage or deformities. If the walls are not proper, the wallpaper will not stick well or will peel off.

  3. A ladder should be provided at the site for installation. For ceiling and double-height installations, scaffolding should be provided by the client.

  4. The site should be clear of any dirt or ongoing work in the same room. No furniture should be kept on the wall where the wallpaper will be pasted, as installers won’t be able to shift furniture. Clients should arrange for furniture to be moved prior to installation.

  5. Additional site visit charges will apply if the installation is not done on the scheduled day and needs to be rescheduled due to the site not being ready.

  6. The installation amount is to be paid at the time of installation.