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Wallpapers are the way too important element of your interior that bring real life to it and transform your boring, dull ambience into an enigmatic one. Make all the walls of your home or office look exactly as you want with a bespoke design. At Wall Castle, we give an opportunity to our customers to create their own customized wallpapers.

You can simply use your choice of image or designs on customized wallpapers to define your ideas that personify your personality and lifestyle. You don’t need to hire a professional and trained designer for the same!

Have a look below and get to know how you can use your own image to craft beautiful wallpapers that tell your tale in a majestic way. So, let’s get started:

Check The Quality Of Your Image That You Want To Print:

  • It is advisable to use high-resolution images (200dpi or more) for better, brighter, and larger images with high definition quality.
  • We accept image file size: 40 MB and above. If your image is larger than 40 MB, you can contact our executives to understand the method of delivery.
  • We only accept images that are captured from a camera larger than 8 Mega Pixels.

Uploading Your Image/Photo/Artwork:

  • Please provide image files in any of the formats: jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, and .pdf
  • You can also upload your image/photo/artwork directly on our website by using FREE upload services such as www.wetransfer.com or www.sendspace.com

Additional Information:

  • Minimum size of the wallpaper that we accept is 50 Sq Ft.
  • Please share all your instruction in detail for personalized wallpapers. Also, please specify any addition that you want us to make to the image/photo/artwork you have provided us.
  • Any additional charges for touch-ups may vary for each custom order and totally depends upon the alteration/enhancement required by the customer.