How To Measure

When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for your interior, size is the major factor that you need to consider because:

  • You wouldn’t want to spend extra bucks to buy an extra roll, which has no further use.
  • You wouldn’t want to fall short of rolls while covering the entire room or hall.
  • You wouldn’t prefer rumpled work with frayed wallpaper sticking out from the edges.
  • One of the easiest solutions to abort any of the above situations takes the right measurement of the wallpaper you require according to the size of your wall before finalizing your order.
  • To get the right measurement of wallpaper, here’s what you have to consider according to the requirements like whether you want:
  • Full wall covering for better impact and to get bangs for the bucks. Partial wall covering to adding an extra edge to smaller spaces.

For Full Wall Coverings:

  • Widths: Firstly, you need to measure the horizontal distance of the wall, from one corner to another.
  • Heights: Secondly, measure the height vertically from each corner because not all the walls are perfectly square and this difference can affect the choice or overall appearance. So, if you found any difference in the heights of the walls, go for the two sizes greater of height measurements.

For Partial Wall Coverings:

Mark the area from all the sides where you want to install the wallpaper.
  • Width: Measure the distance between the marks horizontally.
  • Height: Measure the distance between the points you have marked vertically. In case you found any dissimilarity in the heights, go for two heights larger measurements.

Most of the wallpapers we offer are pretty easy to use and can be trimmed from the edges according to the requirements. If you don’t want your wallpaper look messy, make sure to buy the right size with accurate measurements. Also, to be on the safer side, it is advisable to add a few extra inches along the sides of your wallpaper to give it breathing space and hide all the odd mistakes (if any)!

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