About Us

WallCastle is one among the best online wallpaper store in India. We have brought together a vast library of thousands of wallpaper designs across several categories. Each of our wallpaper comes with customizable options in design, size and material. We consider quality as our prime parameter when it comes to wallpaper printing. What sets us apart is the level of innovation and creativity in our skilled team of designers.

Endure Wallcastle’s exclusive range of elegant wallpaper designs which serves as a reasonable way to add value, life and vibrancy to your space. Wallpaper design has come a long way & has changed a lot with passing years, we have brought all latest top trendy wallpaper designs under same roof to give your home a contemporary new look. We got it all whether you are installing wallpaper to your bedroom or living room in your residential property or you are looking to beautify your office interior walls. Wallcastle offers wallpaper to fit every taste & need. We stock & sell wallpaper for your walls in diverse design variants like 3D, Paintings, nature, abstract, wildlife, travel, kids themed and many more.

The process of fabrication of wallpaper at Wallcastle has evolved to all different level by use of typically 3 types of wallpaper manufacturing material i.e. PVC Wallpaper, Glittered texture Wallpaper & Matt finish Wallpaper. Dip in the mood of customizing your home walls all on yourself. You can choose multiple designs in variant sizes & nature of material. We believe in leaving an impression of novelty on to our customers with our instant dedicated customer support service.

You can contact us on +91 9646021238 simply write us at info@wallcastle.com We will be happy to serve you.